What I Believe in

Speech of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Republic Indonesia, May 2004

I have spoken at length about my vision for change. But my vision of prosperity, peace, and justice and democracy, is not just my vision. For these three objectives were the basic promises of “Reformasi”. Ordinary Indonesians went to the polls in the 1999 elections because they believed their leaders would deliver these promises.


Ultah Ibu Ani ke-59, Juli 2011 (Foto: Detik.com)

Now, I know I am not Superman, I don’t have magical powers to make all these things come true overnight. But I do believe in hard work, an in the absolute necessity of good governance. I believe in working hard towards achieving what you believe in. And these are the things I believe in: a modern, democratic, outward-looking, open and tolerant Indonesia. I believe in integrity, I believe in ethics. Some may criticize me for this, but I believe in prudence, I believe in clear, rational judgement. And I believe in friendship between nations, in open dialogue with world leaders about the problem we face today as a global community.

Most importantly, I believe in faith and hope. I believe that with firm commitment, we together can make our objectives come to life, step by step. What is vital is that the people keep their faith in government and in themselves, that they continue to believe that Indonesia can change for the better. As president, I will work day and night to keep their faith alive, to make the people believe in leadership again, to make ALL Indonesians believe in hope again. Remember, I am a former military man who knows what happens when we don’t get the job done: we got sent back to clean up the toilet!

Thank you very much.